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 Fall Fishing in Florida and Florida Red Fish:

Pete Greenan - Florida

Fall is a special time for Florida flyfishers.  A combination of cooler water, tons of baitfish and pleasant weather makes a day on the water memorable.  Target species are numerous.  During the fall tarpon still inhabit the bays and estuaries rolling or laying up on calm days. Snook are moving into the back country in anticipation of cooler gulf temperatures.  Sea  trout are just plain plentiful with some bigger fish working the edges of flats and the many oyster bars.  False albacore will be arriving any day now.  When they hit the inshore gulf the fishing is explosive.  Big schools of jack crevalle also roam the area.  When you get into these brutes you better have a stout rod.  No six weights here.  When fishing the fall always keep a look out for cobia roaming the area.  You never are sure where they are or when the show, but it's good to have  a rod ready.

Redfish tailing on the flats is a favorite of mine.  Seeing dozens of big flags over shallow clear water is as exciting as it gets. Any time the tides go low the redfish look for crustaceans and small baitfish hiding in the grass.  They browse around with their big noses trying to smell the groceries, their tails sticking out of the water.  Escaping shrimp are summarily chased down and eaten with relish.  Crabs are sucked up by the tough mouth and crushed in the throat of the marauders.  There are lots of ways to fish them but the most fun is with a top-water fly like a Gurgler.  Other patterns that suspend work well too.  The key to success is to cast when the tail is showing and retrieve when the tail goes down.  Using a lighter rod, say a 6 wt., makes for a softer presentation.  The retrieve should be at a steady pace, not too fast, but moving.  Set up hard and keep tension on the fish when it runs.  Let it go where it wants to because there is very little to hang up on and plenty of space for a good fight.

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Fish Hard,
Capt. Pete

Capt. Pete Greenan