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2012 Calendar

August 2012

Nova Scotia:

Normaway Inn, Margaree River,  Cape Breton NS.

Fly casting clinics with Dennis & Verlie Grant

Aug 31st - Sept 3rd


Nova Scotia RIVERS UPDATE: Water levels are currently low in Nova Scotia, Salmon fishers should contact local guides and lodges for changes in conditions. Reports are that Atlantic Salmon and sea trout are holding in the estuaries for levels to rise and temperatures to lower. Fall fishing should be the best.

2012 was and is excellent for Striper returns estuaries remain excellent fishing.




Below I have listed several items that might serve helpful in the planning of your 2012 fly fishing year. Please let me know if you have any questions or if I may help you in any way.
Current water temperature is about 86 degrees; lake level is 616 ASL; visibility is good to excellent.
Striper fishing is very good to excellent now. Topwater action has been strong for almost two months now and should continue into early fall. Striper concentrations are now found on mid to main lake areas. Blitzes are occurring almost daily with the exceptions of a few Saturdays where weekend traffic has been a negative factor. (for whatever reason, Saturdays did not fly fish well in July) Best times are early morning to mid morning, however on some days we have found some excellent fishing in mid afternoon also. Poppers fished on the surface and streamers fished at or near the surface will catch lots of fish. The blitzing stripers are chasing shad that vary in size, so it pays to watch & observe the size of shad the fish are chasing. Another technique that has worked well this summer is casting integrated shooting heads like the Orvis Depth Charge line under the blitzing stripers or on deeper structure. When the blitzing stops, the schools often relate to deeper, topographic structure like humps, points, and ledges. Currently, we are fishing topwater patterns at first light around points and ledges for the bigger fish, then moving out to more open water to fish the blitzes as the light gets stronger.
The Texoma striper population is in great shape. ODWC & TPWD reported that, based on the February 2012 biological surveys, a significant part of the population was between 16 inches & 24 inches, with 27% of the population over 20 inches long. This is very consistent with what we have observed on the water this year. Our state agencies are doing a great job of managing Lake Texoma.
Smallmouth fishing is generally slow right now. However we had one of our best springs ever for smallmouth this year. April & May produced lots of smallmouth, with a good number of them over the 20 inch mark. Based on this, I am looking forward to a great fall smallmouth season...like last fall.

This is a great time to fly fish Lake Texoma and get into the topwater action. I still have a few weekdays in August & the first part of September available. Half days work well during the summer. We are off the water before it gets very hot. Also, this is also a great time to book your preferred dates for this fall. October and November are filling up. Fall is a great time to fish the blitzes under the birds all day long.

If you are an FFF Certified Casting Instructor mark your calendar for June 7 & June 8, 2013. Chuck Easterling and I are conducting a Continuing Education event in Mountain Home Arkansas with Joe Libeu as guest instructor. Joe is from the West Coast and brings a rich background of competitive casting and has vast amounts of successful teaching to his credit. You will not want to miss this one.



Locking In Dates for 2013

This time period is beginning to attract much more interest at the Blue Damsel. So I have asked for the opportunity to make early deposits for 2013 to lock in the prime dates. This will allow my group to have the best dates selected for the Skwala hatch. Next year it will be April 8-12. Four nights/three days of guided fishing. An early deposit of $150 will secure your slot on this trip and lock in 2012 rates. Early deposit is for a limited time only.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact myself or Keith Radabaugh at 281.413.7459.         

The spring edition of Loop Lab 101 is almost full...only 2 slots remain unfilled. This year the date is May 5. The class will benefit novice, intermediate, and even experienced casters. All who have participated have found it to be very revealing, insightful and most importantly...very helpful in casting.           

As we move into 2012, those who desire prime dates for Texoma should think about locking in their days. (spring and summer dates are already filling) April, May, & June are times when the stripers are returning from their spawning run and are active and hungry. July & August is top water "blitz time". Everyone should experience a "striper blitz"!

And for those wanting to get into some great smallmouth action in late February or March, think about locking in your days for that as well. Although the smallmouth fishing was "off the charts" this year at Texoma, I expect that Murray will start sooner and it usually has some great smallmouth action in March.  

Regardless of where you plan to fly fish, nothing helps increase the satisfaction, enjoyment, and your chances of catching fish as much as good casting does. And the best way to improve your casting is through private lessons. The time to think about improving your casting is well before the big trip.     

  • August 2012:  Well, this past week it came time to repower my Falcon Boat. (that is a nice way of saying that my old outboard was worn-out) This week I repowered with a new 200hp. SHO Yamaha four-stroke from Blackbeard Marine. The recent advancements that Yamaha has made in outboard technology is just unbelievable. The folks at Blackbeard Marine (580.564.9567) were great to work with and provided great service. I highly recommend them for both service and sales.
  • Most of you know that I am a big fan of Orvis AR (Abrasion Resistant) leaders. After being discontinued for a short time I am so glad they are back. And this is the time of the year that I appreciate them the most...you can tie on a fly in the morning with a good knot and catch schooling stripers all morning or all day and not have to retie at all. And you will not lose a fish or fly. (although stripers do not have teeth, they do have a very abrasive, sandpaper-like, mouth) The AR leaders are even more important now for largemouth fishing and smallmouth fishing on Texoma too because of the zebra mussels on the rocks. If you are a warmwater fly fisher, you might want to try these leaders.
  • Very often this year I have provided clients with Orvis Access rods. (both 7 & 8 weights) This was the first year that I have really put them to the test. They performed at the highest level. They were powerful for distance with big bugs and yet lightweight and enjoyable for lots of casting. Truly, these are great rods at a great price.
Notes on Other Fly Fishing Events 

  • The 2012 spring session of Loop Lab 101 filled fast. Perhaps a fall session will be scheduled but as of now, it will be spring 2013 before the next session is offered.  
  •  Prime spring and summer dates for LakeTexoma and Lake Murray are filling so advanced booking will help you get your preferred dates.  


March 2013

Moncton, New Brunswick, Dieppe fly Fishing Forum:  Information to follow