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Two Handed Fly Casting Instructor:

Becoming a Two Handed Fly Casting Instructor


Two Handed Certified Instructor Test


In THCI testing:
"If the candidate fails 6 or more tasks during the exam, or fails more than two tasks within any required cast, the test is failed. There are 68 plus
tasks. The candidate must perform all of the tasks with ease and proficiency.

Verbal descriptions are to be clear and simple, providing concise instruction.
The candidate has up to three attempts for each performance task. To
accommodate an extreme situation or adverse conditions, the THCI examiner may grant a 10% reduction in performance criteria. This allowance shall be
determined at the beginning of the test and applies through the duration of
the exam.

All tasks are scored P (pass), B (borderline), or F (fail). B is scored in the
rare occasions when the examiner cannot decide between P or F for a task
performed. Two B scores is equivalent to one F. B = 1/2F.
To highlight a level of P performance for debriefing purpose, the examiner may additionally notate P+ or P-."