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Federation of Fly Fishers Master Casting Instructors offering private and group lessons in One-Handed and Two-Handed Fly Casting

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Fly Casting Instructor Certification tests and exams:

What to KNOW, What to DO




All of the Master instructors on this web site offer coaching to candidates that are interested in pursuing the FFF Certified Instructor and Master Certified Instructor designation. Some of the Masters are also Two Handed Coaches as well.

The exam criteria is listed below.

First here is a tip from each of our Masters

Dennis - Come prepared, know the required casts and spend some time actually teaching with a current CI or Master.

Ally - Success is built on sure foundation. Know and perform the casts, especially the straight line (overhead) casts and roll casts perfectly, alter planes and loop sizes and tilts forehand and backhand. Style beats strength!

Liam - PRACTICE !  Practice all the casts until you can perform them without thinking.

In the EXPPAIN AND DEMONSTRATE  questions writ out every possible question that you can think of, then write out the answer. Keep shortening you answer to the least number of words. EXAMPLE How do you load a rod ? Answer: Bend it !

If possible practice with a friend and critique each others casting and answers.

Practice often (1/2 hour a day is better than 4 hours twice a week)

Rod - 1)     Show up on time    (There is a ‘time” when you are ready)
2)     Do what you say you will do  (Make your casting demo mirror your explanation)
3)     Finish what you start  (Make you back casts “spot-on” and make every pickup count)
4)     Say Please and Thank You
  (Just be yourself…your real self)

Pete - Fish!  Fish a lot.  Every type of fishing offers a strategic plan forcing you to make all the casts.  Think!  Think about each cast and why you are using it.  Draw on your ability to reach the fish with the proper presentation, and then think about what you did.  Ask! - Ask, ask, ask.  Everyone has a helpful suggestion, and can offer good solutions and is willing to share knowledge.  Finally, cast!  Cast every day, practice each cast and use every sense you have to make the casts correctly.  Remember what Depak Chopra said; "The things you think about most, manifest themselves in your life."   Fish Hard !


In general, you must :

2. Pay a $100.00 ( CI ), $175.00 (Masters & THCI)  fee to take the test and an additional $50.00 if you pass.
Methods of payment: VISA, MASTERCARD, DISCOVER, AMEX and personal checks.
The annual renewal fee to maintain certification is $45.00.
3. Participate in the 3-4 hour certification process, which includes successfully completing:


Certified Instructor Test

Master Certified Instructor Test

Two Handed Certified Instructor Test

email any one of us for further information on coaching and testing procedures.